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Facial wrinkles such as frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead furrows can give you a tired, worn and even angry appearance. For a non-invasive solution to these symptoms of repeated facial movements, visit our medspas for BOTOX and Dysport in Hingham, Boston, or Nantucket. These minimally invasive treatments can temporarily alleviate many of the signs of aging in the face, giving you a smoother, more youthful appearance with no downtime. BOTOX and Dysport are also effective for other concerns, such as excessive sweating or migraine headaches.

Before & After Photos of Real Patients





This woman in her 40s is shown before and 2 weeks after getting BOTOX Cosmetic injections to give her a more rested appearance. Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Advanced Techniques & Options

We use tiny needles and cannulas to inject the products precisely where you need correction, and treatment sessions typically last fewer than 30 minutes. During your injections, you will feel little to no discomfort, and you have the option to have a topical numbing cream applied, too. This can dramatically increase your comfort. Neurotoxin-based products such as BOTOX and Dysport come in a variety of formulations. Our team will work closely with you to determine which products will work best for your particular needs. We are constantly evaluating and updating the products we use, as well as our techniques, to ensure that our patients receive the best care. We strive to provide natural-looking enhancements and never want our patients to look “overdone”. We offer treatment with the following products:

BOTOX Cosmetic & Dysport: Injections with BOTOX and Dysport relax the specific muscles in your face that contract to create wrinkles and lines over time. These botulinum-based treatments are safe and temporary, with results improving with continued use.

Patrice Rusu, Aesthetic Nurse

Meet Patrice

A registered nurse and longtime member of our practice, Patrice Rusu is an aesthetic specialist who performs nonsurgical treatments for our medical spa patients. She is a certified CoolSculpting provider, medical laser technician, and nurse injector, who combines her vast knowledge and experience with her friendly bedside manner to put patients at ease.

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Healing & Enjoying Your New Look

The results of BOTOX and Dysport treatments begin to take effect within 48 hours of your session. Because injections of this nature are minimally invasive, discomfort is minor and recuperation is extremely quick. The results of BOTOX and Dysport should last for about 3 to 4 months. Daily use of prescription-strength skincare products can enhance and prolong results.

Dr. Dax Guenther’s extensive training in plastic surgery techniques extends to his practice and medical spas, where patients benefit from the latest and most advanced technology and techniques.

Discover how you can look your best with BOTOX or Dysport at our med spas in Hingham, Boston, and Nantucket. Request a consultation online, or call us at (781) 740-7840 , to speak with one of our team members today. Consultations with our medical spa staff are complimentary.

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