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middle-aged mom in her house smiling with her arms crossed (model)

Does a Mommy Makeover Leave Scars? Will They Affect Your Results?

The “mommy makeover” is a collection of cosmetic procedures that can be performed within a single operation. Your surgeon will tailor your surgery based on your unique aesthetic goals, addressing multiple concerns simultaneously. While motherhood isn't a prerequisite for the operation, most procedures focus on the areas most likely to be changed by pregnancy and …

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Woman considering breast augmentation or hybrid breast augmentation in Boston, MA

Hybrid Breast Augmentation: What You Should Know About Breast Implants With Fat Transfer

Women considering breast augmentation these days usually seek results that look as natural as possible, focusing more on having breasts that are proportional to their bodies. That's led some of my breast augmentation patients to ask about a technique called fat transfer breast enhancement, which augments the breasts without implants. Breast Fat Transfer vs. Implants …

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