Gummy Bear Implants

2013 has seen the FDA approval of a new type of silicone breast implant.  These implants have a firm silicone gel which allows them maintain the shape in which they are manufactured.  They are referred to as “form stable”, “highly cohesive”, or “gummy bear” implants.

Since gummy bear implants hold their shape, it is possible to design them to mimic the natural tear drop shape of the breast; thicker at the bottom and tapered towards the top.  There are pros and cons.  An implant that retains its shape allows for more precise control of the result, but it also means the the breasts won’t naturally flatten as much when lying down.  Firmer gel means less chance of folds and rippling, but it also means a firmer feel.  Finally, since these implants have a “top” and a “bottom”, should they rotate in the body they will cause visible distortion.  Placing them correctly is essential to preventing their rotation.

I gained experience with gummy bear implants as a resident at UCLA while the implants were undergoing trial.  This is experience that I bring to my own practice on Boston’s South Shore.  They are not the optimal choice in every case.  Proper patient selection and precise technique, however, can lead to great results.  If you’re considering breast augmentation, contact us at Coastal Plastic Surgery to discuss your options.

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