Much More Than a Job

When considering a ‘nose job’ or rhinoplasty Boston patients often call our office.  A rhinoplasty involves fine detail adjustments to the central feature of the face and can result in an enormous impact on a one’s overall appearance.
Historically rhinoplasty was performed as a ‘reductive’ procedure, one that focused on narrowing a wide bridge or sharpening a bulbous tip.  The result was easily identifiable, with a pointy tip, narrow bridge, and pinched nostrils.  It was not specifically tailored to an individual person.
As a double board-certified Boston plastic surgeon with advanced training and experience in rhinoplasty, I understand the importance of maintaining the function of the nose as well as the balance it must maintain with a person’s facial aesthetic.  As opposed to simply reducing nasal elements, I seek to define a patient’s unique components, often employing cartilage and soft-tissue grafts to strengthen the framework and bulk up weakened areas.  No two rhinoplasty surgeries that I perform are alike.  I also do redo or revision rhinoplasty, which is very difficult and should only be done by a physician specifically trained in its management.
Whether you’re interested in reducing a bump that bothers you, refining the tip, or a more significant change, call (781) 214-1439 or click to request a consultation at Coastal Plastic Surgery.  We are located south of Boston in beautiful Hingham, Massachusetts.

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