Researching Breast Implants: How Much Is Too Much?

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Women considering breast augmentation in the Boston area often spend hours doing online research to prepare for their consultations. It’s great to be informed, but I also encourage patients to have an open mind when it comes to choosing the size and type of implants for their procedures.
I’ll explain in this blog post why it’s usually best to wait until you meet with a plastic surgeon before focusing on your choice of implants and how to better spend your time preparing for the consultation. There are several choices that breast augmentation patients make in collaboration with their surgeon that don’t specifically involve the implants themselves.

Choosing Breast Implants

Women may come into their consultations with firm opinions about the size of implants they want and where they want them placed (either behind or in front of the chest muscle). Their choices are sometimes influenced by photos they’ve seen of other women in before-and-after galleries, or because they like the results of a friend or family member’s breast augmentation.

What most patients don’t consider, however, is that the same implants that look great on 1 person might look unnatural or disproportional for someone else. That’s because each patient’s body is unique. A patient with a small-framed body or little existing breast tissue needs to make her choice with that information based on the recommendations of her surgeon.

What You Should Know

So, what should you spend your time thinking about before the consultation? First, find a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Then focus on your cosmetic goals and consider certain factors such as:

  • How much attention do you want? Some patients want to enhance their cleavage by adding volume to the upper pole of their breasts. Others are looking for more modest results that look natural.
  • Your ideal wardrobe: One of the reasons women get breast implants is to expand the types of clothes they can wear.
  • Your lifestyle: Active, athletic patients who run or participate in competitive sports may not want to get overly large implants that could interfere with those activities.

It’s helpful to browse before-and-after galleries to see the types of results you like without focusing on the size of the implants. You can also go to sites such as Pinterest and bring in “wish” photos showing how you would like your results to look.

Working Together

I listen closely to patients describe their goals and use that information, along with the physical exam I perform, to recommend the implant size, its placement, and where to make incisions. I also encourage patients touch the different types of implants to see how the various options feel. This helps each woman know how the implants will feel once they are inserted. Patients can use our sizing system and our 3D imaging technology to see how different implant styles and sizes will look on their own bodies.

During your consultation, I am happy to answer all of your questions regarding breast augmentation and can also provide information about complementary procedures, such as a mommy makeover or breast lift.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact us using the online form or call one of our 3 locations: Hingham (781) 740-7840, Boston (617) 306-3175, or Nantucket (508) 901-9239.

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