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Learn about our array of "sweet" medical spa services

Our Medical Spa ― The Icing on the Cake

Coastal Plastic Surgery on Boston's beautiful South Shore is proud to announce that we will be providing medical spa services by licensed aesthetician Deborah Macomber. Deborah brings a wealth of experience to the Coastal team and a complete menu of non-surgical services. Ask any plastic surgeon and they will tell you that medical-grade skin care products, …

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Can You Find the Scar?

It's impossible to perform a surgical procedure and not leave a scar.  I often tell my patients in consultation that I wish I were a magician, could wave a magic wand, and make everything happen without leaving any marks.  Unfortunately, that's just not the case, and if you're going to have surgery there's going to …

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Just the FACS

The American College of Surgeons was founded in 1913 with the goal of improving the quality of care of patients by setting high standards for surgical education and practice.  Members of the American College of Surgeons are referred to as "Fellows".  The letters FACS after a surgeon's name stand for Fellow, American College of Surgeons. …

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EarWell for Newborn Ear Deformities

Ear shape and size can significantly alter a newborn's appearance, and while you may not notice an average pair, you will certainly notice ones that "stick out" or are abnormally shaped. The problem is usually noticed shortly after birth and occurs in upwards of 30% of newborns. Parents are often incorrectly told that the ears will …

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Much More Than a Job

When considering a 'nose job' or rhinoplasty Boston patients often call our office.  A rhinoplasty involves fine detail adjustments to the central feature of the face and can result in an enormous impact on a one's overall appearance. Historically rhinoplasty was performed as a 'reductive' procedure, one that focused on narrowing a wide bridge or …

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If It Seems Too Good To Be True, Is It?

The answer is probably, yes.  It seems that there are advertisements everywhere for ‘new’ or ‘quick-fix’ procedures that promise surgical results without any of the less popular side effects like discomfort, down-time, swelling, etc.  Unfortunately this is often misleading and recent lawsuit settlements in New York and Florida offer a good example (see USA Today …

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Breast Implants for Moms

At Coastal Plastic Surgery on Boston’s beautiful South Shore, breast augmentation and/or a breast lift (mastopexy) are some of our most popular procedures.  They can especially benefit mothers who have had significant changes in breast shape and size after pregnancy and breastfeeding. With size gain and loss, changes in breast tissue distribution, and loss of …

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Earlobe Repair

Split, elongated, or gauged earlobe repair in Boston is done in many different ways.  I use a specialized technique that incorporates small flaps and the procedure is comfortably done in the office under local anesthesia.  When compared to more traditional straight-line closures, the multiple flap technique offers the advantages of: Fewer recurrences An earlobe that is naturally …

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