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Breast Implants for Moms

At Coastal Plastic Surgery on Boston’s beautiful South Shore, breast augmentation and/or a breast lift (mastopexy) are some of our most popular procedures.  They can especially benefit mothers who have had significant changes in breast shape and size after pregnancy and breastfeeding. With size gain and loss, changes in breast tissue distribution, and loss of …

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Earlobe Repair

Split, elongated, or gauged earlobe repair in Boston is done in many different ways.  I use a specialized technique that incorporates small flaps and the procedure is comfortably done in the office under local anesthesia.  When compared to more traditional straight-line closures, the multiple flap technique offers the advantages of: Fewer recurrences An earlobe that is naturally …

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Extra Effort for Exceptional Breasts

All plastic surgeons in Boston will perform breast surgery somewhat differently. I have chosen to specialize in a type of breast enhancement called endoscopic breast augmentation. This procedure requires minimal incisions and offers many advantages, such as: Greater surgical precision More accurate implant placement Reduced scarring Reduced tissue trauma Less bruising, swelling and bleeding Quicker …

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About Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopic breast augmentation is a video-assisted procedure that uses a viewing instrument called an endoscope to help surgeons see the internal breast structures. The endoscope consists of a tube and a camera and can be inserted through small incisions in inconspicuous locations, such as under the arm. During breast surgery in Boston, I use the …

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Welcome to Our Blog

Thank you for visiting our blog. Coastal Plastic Surgery is your source for accurate, honest information about plastic surgery in the Boston area. On our blog you’ll find updates on news, trends and controversial topics about aesthetic enhancement from Dr. Dax Guenther, a board-certified plastic surgeon. From facelifts to BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dr. Guenther can help …

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