Your Facial Plastic Surgery Options

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When considering facial plastic surgery in the Boston area, knowing which procedures and approaches are available can be a huge source of empowerment. I often meet with patients who are excited about reharmonizing their facial features or bringing some youth back into their appearance, but aren’t always sure which treatment plan can help them look their best.

Facial plastic surgery encompasses a selection of several procedures that can be performed on their own or combined to address multiple concerns within one surgery and recovery period. In this post, I’ll go over a few popular options to guide your search for the best possible treatment plan.


The facelift is a highly requested anti-aging procedure aimed at restoring youthfulness to the face. It is a great approach for patients experiencing concerns such as:

  • Deep wrinkles and lines
  • Loss of definition in the jawline
  • Flat, fallen cheeks
  • Sagging skin around the chin and neck


If your nose is a major area of disharmony for you, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) may be right for you. This surgery is best suited for patients who want to:

  • Eliminate a prominent dorsal hump
  • Correct a bulbous or overprojecting tip
  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Revise the results of a previous rhinoplasty
  • Treat septum issues that may cause breathing problems
  • Repair damage caused by trauma or injury

Eyelid Surgery

Patients seeking to look more aware and awake often opt for eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty. This procedure tightens and tones the skin around the eyes, leading to better side vision and a more refreshed look. Candidates for eyelid surgery often experience:

  • Excess skin, droopiness or puffiness in the upper eyelids
  • A “crepe paper” effect in the lower eyelids
  • Bags or dark circles under the eyes


Facial plastic surgery procedures can be combined within a custom treatment plan to address multiple concerns without the need for multiple surgeries and recoveries. Other less common options, such as brow lifts, facial implants, and otoplasty (ear surgery) may also factor into your personalized plan.

A Natural Look

One common worry that puts patients off from pursuing facial plastic surgery is the fear of results that will look too dramatically different or out of place. For example, facelifts are often associated with excessively tight or pulled back skin. However, this is the result of a “skin only” method. I specialize in a technical approach that corrects issues at a deeper level of fat and connective tissue, which achieves a far more natural result. Potential rhinoplasty candidates often express concerns about receiving a “cookie cutter nose job,” but as I explained in a previous blog post, my priority is creating a treatment plan that remains true to your unique features and appearance.

Nonsurgical Alternatives

If surgery doesn’t seem like the best option for you, we also offer nonsurgical alternatives such as injectable treatments and fillers. BOTOX® is a highly popular anti-aging injection, and fillers can restore volume and even recontour the nose. These liquid procedures can also be combined within a custom plan to achieve your ideal look.

If you’re interested in learning more or requesting a consultation for facial plastic surgery in the Boston area, contact us or call our office at (781) 740-7840 .

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